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The World Bank Influence on PPP and Economic Development

Leveraging its global influence, the World Bank (WB) plays a crucial role in promoting and implementing PPPs to address infrastructure deficits and catalyse economic development. The effectiveness of PPPs hinges on several prerequisites, including well-developed markets, transparent regulatory environments, and planned projects. In this light, the section will focus on how the World Bank Group […]

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Nations failing to invest in education and health care are at risk of slow economic growth

Nations failing to invest in health and education are at risk of stagnating economies and lower per capita GDP, according to the first-ever scientific study ranking countries for their levels of human capital. US drops from 6th to 27th, China jumps from 69th to 44th, Turkey from 102nd to 43rd, South Korea from 18th to 6th, and Singapore from 43rd to 13th.

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Human Rights

Since its launch, the Framework has allowed companies to more successfully integrate the UNGPs into their business operations. These Principles were unanimously endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council in 2011 and clarify the responsibility of governments and business as regards the impacts businesses can, and do, have on people and how business should provide or enable remedy to those who have been harmed. The UNGPs are the most authoritative guidance and the blueprint for embedding human rights practices in business.

Unlocking your financial freedom: Planning tips for millennials
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Financial freedom for Gen Y

For many millennials, your twenties and thirties are a time to find your way and start building the foundations for future success. This should include having strong financial foundations in place. By following these simple steps, you can start on the journey to unlocking your financial freedom.

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Regulation and Sustainability

From a footnote in the annual report to an integral part of business strategy, the understanding of sustainability has changed dramatically since the 1960s. We ask: what next?

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Climate Change – The Bankers in Action

In 2018, the Bank of England (the “BoE”) set up a project called “Future of Finance” aimed at anticipating the upcoming changes in financial services for the next decade, and the impact of these changes for market participants, customers and regulators.

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Climate Change and Banking – Action, Not Words

One day ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, 22 September 2019 – The United Nations launched the Principles for Responsible Banking with the sign up of 130 international banks, collectively holding more than USD 47 trillion in assets.

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