Assurance Services

With regulatory, legislative and political changes continuously evolving and changing it is crucial that businesses get the right advice to stay ahead. Every business is unique and we provide tailored assurance services to suit the individual needs of each client. From offerings commercially minded internal audits to strategic governance services, IT assurance and grant assurance we can help businesses navigate the complex environment.

Internal Audit

Every organisation is unique – the approach and focus of its internal audit function should be tailored accordingly. We appreciate that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work in reality.

Governance, Board Effectiveness & Corporate Culture

Good governance is essential for an organisation’s long-term survival – but what does it look like? It promotes, accountability and openness, economic and financial stability, social and environmental responsibility and ethical culture, behaviour, policies and products.

Governance, Risk and Internal Control

Sound governance and risk management processes are essential for any business, to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives and long-term sustainability. We can provide the specialist staff ‘mix’ to add real value to organisations across all sectors.

IT Assurance

Few organisations can avoid the need to understand and manage technology related risks; whether these are from external sources such as the internet, or from sources within the organisation. Many organisations find it difficult to objectively assess and manage these risks.


We understand the complex rules involved in grant funding – we are specialists at providing grant funding assurance including all forms of European funding assurance.

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