Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is facing challenging times, particularly due to its increased internationality and commodity price volatility.

We understand that managing the challenges in the industry will typically include:

  • Managing price risk by hedging contracts;
  • Creation of tax-efficient structures; and
  • Managing industry regulations.

To help our oil and gas clients meet their key objectives, Chathams offers an efficient and integrated service from offices across five continents. We work as one firm across all departments and geographies, enabling us to provide our clients with a seamless service wherever they are in the world.

We have considerable experience working with various oil and gas clients. Our clients range in production capabilities from those in the early stage of exploration to those with proven reserves and in the production phase. We also work with many companies involved in oil and gas downstream activities.

At Chathams, we recognize the importance of human rights issues in the oil and gas industry. As the industry relies on local communities to operate, companies are increasingly prioritizing healthcare, education, and the environment. We specialize in assisting companies in formalizing their human rights procedures and implementing policies throughout the supply chain, demonstrating our commitment to ethical practices and community engagement.

With a strong portfolio of clients in this sector – from successful niche players to large international companies – Chathams has the experience and expertise to help.

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