Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses a software platform that acts as a virtual employee to perform processes in the same way a person does. The use of RPA is rapidly increasing as new tools emerge and employees are looking for more strategic and meaningful jobs. Our experience with RPA means that we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible so that you can focus on your core role.

Innovation to increase efficiency, value and employee satisfaction

RPA is a technology that performs processes quickly and accurately, saving time so that employees can return to the core of their roles and perform real value-added work.

Why use RPA, and what can be done?

  • Log into systems and navigate to specific screens
  • Receive emails and process attachments
  • Copy information from one system into another
  • Make calculations
  • Inform users about the outcome
  • Follow predefined decision logic
  • Run based on a Schedule or be triggered by an event

How can we help?

We have implemented many successful RPA projects using our innovative approach to identify processes for automation. We use the expertise in our RPA Centre of Excellence, which gives us access to the latest technologies, trends and experiences worldwide. We can help across a range of projects, including:

Proof of Concept (POC)

This is the first step in starting your RPA journey. A POC involves analysing, designing, and implementing one or a couple of processes to demonstrate RPA capabilities in your business. This provides an opportunity to test robots in real situations and environments and verify that they deliver to your needs and expectations.

Opportunity assessment

This type of engagement involves assessing processes, analysing data, facilitating workshops, and calculating business cases to build a prioritised pipeline for process automation. It might also include assessing suitable RPA tools for your organisation.

Selection of RPA platform

Based on assessing your requirements, our extensive knowledge, and our market overview, we can advise you on selecting the right RPA tool for your business.

Full-scale implementation

End-to-end delivery of RPA automation in your organisation includes process analysis and optimisation, preparation of procedures for robots, development and testing of RPA scripts, and deployment to the live environment.

Set-up of Centre of Excellence (CoE)

We can help you build an RPA CoE within your organisation to maximise the value delivered from RPA. This involves setting up the methodology, organisation, processes, roles, and technologies to be used within the CoE, implementing the CoE, and assuring the quality of its delivery.

These projects can be combined with raising awareness of new technology among teams, training staff in process re-engineering methods, conducting an impact study on your organisation and system integration architecture and providing other change management tools and advisory.

How can we help you?

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