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Managing and motivating globally mobile employees isn’t always easy. Understanding and responding to tax requirements at home and abroad can be time-consuming and complicated. In fact, research shows tax issues are a critical factor in de-motivating employees working abroad.

We can help you plan and manage the challenges of a global workforce. We ensure you are aware of your obligations at home and abroad to structure your affairs properly, leaving no surprises for you or your staff when entering or leaving a country.

We also provide a wide range of international tax and immigration services.

Immigration Advice & Support

Chathams Immigration Advice & Support delivers advisory and processing services for international immigration. We assist with moving to live and work in any country worldwide.

Globalisation and the changing fortunes of national economies worldwide are increasing demand for international immigration. Political, legal, economic and social pressures dictate the complexity of immigration processes. The more attractive a country is as a destination, the more complex and variable the laws, regulations and policies governing border control will be. Chathams Immigration Advice & Support’s expert knowledge can guide applicants and organisations through the process, assisting with:

  • Global Application Processing
  • Audit
  • HR and Global Mobility Policy Advice
  • Compliance Management
  • Market Penetration Strategy

Immigration services can be combined with other offerings, such as Global Mobility, Payroll, Company Secretarial, and Financial Planning.

Chathams Immigration Advice & Support delivers intricate immigration advice and services to multinational corporations and private clients worldwide.

We provide services for Global and UK Immigration applications. We also assist high-net-worth individuals, including Tier 1 Entrepreneurs and investors, highly skilled migrants, and Tier 2 migrants, including Sportspersons.

We can assist multinational companies in transferring their employees to a UK-based branch for short—and long-term periods, including Graduate Trainees and Skills Transfers.

We provide assistance with the Sponsorship Licence registration process, undertake Level 1 and Level 2 user responsibilities, manage the Sponsorship Management System, and request and allocate Certificates of Sponsorship on behalf of our clients.

We assist those who wish for their fiancée, unmarried partner, spouse, civil partner or child to accompany or join them in the UK for settlement. We advise on nationality law regarding British Naturalisation and Citizenship.

We efficiently facilitate clients worldwide, providing solutions effectively with a high-quality service.

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