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We want to help protect our clients from unexpected tax bills and assist in passing on your assets in a tax efficient manner.

A Trust is not just for the wealthy, a trust can be used by anyone wishing to plan ahead. A Trust can serve many purposes – from financing educational costs, providing maintenance to children, grandchildren or other relatives or simply planning to pass wealth through generations and specifying specific people that can benefit from that Trust.

Our services include the following:

  • Can advise on the merits of establishing a Trust, taking into account a Settlor’s circumstances and review Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax implications in the setting up of a Trust;
  • Assist with Trust planning – reviewing whether the Trust still fulfils its original purpose;
  • Administer Trusts – including the preparation of annual accounts and Tax Returns;
  • Advise beneficiaries of Trusts on the tax issues arising when they receive Trust income or an asset from the Trust;
  • Advise the Trustees on the tax implications of distributing funds or Trust assets to beneficiaries;
  • Can act as Trustee on a Trust;
  • Advise on Will preparation, review Wills for tax efficiency;
  • Advise on the options to fund Inheritance Tax;
  • Can provide an extensive Inheritance Tax review on a clients’ Estate to ensure that assets are passed tax efficiently;
  • Prepare the necessary annual accounts and tax returns for Estates.

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