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The World Bank Influence on PPP and Economic Development

Leveraging its global influence, the World Bank (WB) plays a crucial role in promoting and implementing PPPs to address infrastructure deficits and catalyse economic development. The effectiveness of PPPs hinges on several prerequisites, including well-developed markets, transparent regulatory environments, and planned projects. In this light, the section will focus on how the World Bank Group […]

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Balancing Quality Outcomes, Value and Finance in Healthcare

NAVIGATING HEALTHCARE QUALITY AND VALUE IN PATIENT CARE When we speak of ‘quality outcomes,’ we’re not just discussing numbers on a chart or percentages in a report. We’re referring to the authentic, very human experiences behind those figures. We’re talking about the mother who walks out of the hospital with a healthy newborn, the grandfather […]

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Revenue Cycle Management and Its Integral Role in Clinical Care and Financial Efficiency

In 1852, Florence Nightingale emphasized the importance of understanding the costs and benefits associated with treatments for various patient ailments. She stressed the significance of categorizing patients based on similar diseases to facilitate a systematic examination of treatment modalities. Her insights were prescient, positioning her far ahead of her contemporaries. After a century and a […]

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Understanding Corporatisation: How It Changes Public Services, and What We Can Do Better

I.         INTRODUCTION This piece will examine the fundamentals of Corporatisation programs, why they cause negative public perceptions, and what we can do better to execute such programs. Throughout history, the public sector has been known as an inferior provider of goods and services compared to the private sector. To justify this argument, the private sector proponents […]

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Leveraging AI and ML In A National Centre Of Excellence For Healthcare Could Improve Outcomes For Patients—Here’s How?

INTRODUCTION In today’s fast-paced healthcare industry, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has become essential for improving patient outcomes. To lead the way in this transformative journey, a new Centre of Excellence should be established within the Ministries and Departments of Health responsible for Population Health Management. This also provides […]

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Public Private Partnership – the UK Experience

The UK government pioneered the use of competitive tendering of public services in the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. In the decades since, as outsourcing has expanded and other governments around the world have sought to copy some of its practices, the UK should have become better at negotiating and managing such contracts.

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NHS 5 year forward view and financial shortfall

The NHS five year forward view, published in October 2014 set out a view for the future to ensure sustainability of healthcare services and economic prosperity with strong emphasis for the following: a.     Radical upgrade in activist prevention and public health b.     Removal of barriers between family doctors and physicians, between physical and mental health and between health and social care with significant localised or community-based care delivery supported by specialised centres c.     Shared budgets and combining health and social care

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NHS contracts and private sector

In year 2007 the proportion of private hospitals revenue from NHS referrals was under 10% when the Labour government gave people right to choose to be treated in a private hospital and to be paid for by the state. The purpose of policy change was to to improve patient care. As a result and surge in public private partnership arrangements, the private operators now earn approximately 25% of their income from NHS, an increase from £700m to £3.1bn. In 2016/17, 70% of NHS England contracts were won by private sector.

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Doctors, the central players to healthcare transformation

In face of major advances in medicine and technology, healthcare regularly fails to live up to the patient expectations in providing the high quality of care with clinical effectiveness and customer-centric patient journeys. The urgent need to transform the care delivery is well embraced around the world. but the journey is notoriously difficult and require discipline, resilience, bold and sustained commitment, and patience.

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KPI framework and strategic management

The transformation that’s needed in healthcare can be overwhelming and necessitate substantial investments in finance, technology, human capital, operations, infrastructure, substantial disinvestment of legacy resources, redesign of workflows and pathways, and enhancement of collaboration across the system.

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Nations failing to invest in education and health care are at risk of slow economic growth

Nations failing to invest in health and education are at risk of stagnating economies and lower per capita GDP, according to the first-ever scientific study ranking countries for their levels of human capital. US drops from 6th to 27th, China jumps from 69th to 44th, Turkey from 102nd to 43rd, South Korea from 18th to 6th, and Singapore from 43rd to 13th.

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Private provision of publicly funded healthcare: ownership controversies

The private provision of publicly funded health care in the UK which is a matter of public controversy. There are strongly stated concerns regarding the increasing use of non-publicly owned, especially for-profit, firms to provide services: concerns that the NHS is being undermined, that future services will be at risk or even that health care that is free at the point of delivery – a key tenet of the NHS – is about to be abandoned.

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Costing in value based health and care system

Michael Porter said, "biggest problem with health care isn’t with insurer or politics. it’s that we’re measuring the wrong things the wrong way." Much of the rapid escalation in healthcare costs can be attributed to the fact that providers have an almost complete lack of understanding of how much it costs to deliver patient care. thus they lack the knowledge necessary to improve resource utilization, reduce delays, and eliminate activities that don’t improve outcomes.

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Whether it’s business innovation, employee engagement or everyday productivity, technology promises to do it all. But amidst the limitless possibilities, leaders can find themselves uncertain on the benefits of certain technologies, how to focus their investments and how to get their people on board with change.

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