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Organisations operate in a constantly changing world, and managing and maintaining a solid workforce in such an environment is challenging. However, it also presents a strategic opportunity for the HR function to enable a profound transformation, converting the full potential of an organisation’s people into financial performance and market value.

We can help you navigate, implement and sustain transformational change to drive unprecedented performance. Our core service offerings include:

HR Transformation

Our HR Transformation team helps create leading people functions by aligning HR and business strategy and putting the appropriate structure and capabilities in place to enable HR to deliver value to the business. Given our significant experience in HR technology, we can also assist with selecting and implementing fit-for-purpose HR tools and technologies.

Behavioural Change Management

Behavioural Change Management is an approach used to manage the people, process, or system factors of change to achieve the intended business outcomes. We can work with you to design and develop programs emphasising effective leadership, sponsorship, and individual ownership. The aim is to build demand for change, generate improved business performance, and mitigate risk arising from an inability or reluctance to change.

Talent Management

Your organisation and the talent mix required to deliver your business strategy are unique. We can work with you to recruit, develop, and retain your talent to meet the business’s current and future needs and achieve its strategy and targets.

Workforce Intelligence

We can help you understand the current workforce supply and identify future demand through analytics. In addition, we can help align your workforce with business strategies to enable you to define and monitor workforce plans and bridge critical gaps. We can also assist you with determining your analytics strategy and support your journey of embedding analytics into everyday people’s practices.

Organisational Design for Performance

We will work with you and your team to design and implement the organisational structure, processes, and supporting infrastructure, including governance, capabilities, systems, and values, to enable you to achieve and sustain your organisational strategy and vision.

We have advised and assisted clients in transforming their organisations through the following:

  • creation of a vision and case for change in line with a company’s new business strategy
  • creation of a capacity for change to ensure more agile and functional teams
  • provision of rigorous change leadership and project management office for a large HR technology implementation
  • development of a fit-for-purpose talent management strategy, including methods for attracting and retaining top talent
  • design of industry/sector workforce plans against the backdrop of economic restructuring and transformation
  • Establish a new delivery mode by leveraging shared services, outsourcing, and off-shoring.

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