Media represents the dissemination of news, entertainment, education and other data through various communication channels – from publishing in books, magazines and newspapers to broadcasting by film, TV and radio to advertising through mail, billboards and online. Despite the diverse range of businesses included under the ‘media’ umbrella, companies in this sector are linked by the same issues, challenges and risks – the move to digital, the fast pace of technological change, attracting and retaining creative talent being just a few.

Chathams provides a full range of services that can help media companies address these challenges and embrace the opportunities offered by the new digital age. Please look at our services to the media sector and our experienced media team.


Financial audit—We have the experience and expertise required to audit companies across the media sector. Our sector knowledge enables us to focus on key risk areas such as revenue recognition and the carrying value of brands, as well as intangibles and goodwill. As such, we can provide a tailored risk-based approach, maximising efficiency and adding value through the audit process.

Financial reporting advisory   our experienced team helps companies interpret and apply International Financial Reporting Standards, UK GAAP and US GAAP, and provides accounting advice on various projects. Particularly relevant for companies in the media sector, this includes accounting for business combinations and intangible asset valuations under IFRS3 and valuation of share option schemes, often used to incentivise employees in the creative environment.

Licensing and royalty services  – content licensing is particularly prevalent in the media world, and the sale of rights and licenses to companies worldwide is a significant revenue driver for many media players. But how can companies be confident that the revenue reported from licensees is accurate? Chathams helps media companies in this area by advising them on their licensing strategy, performing royalty audits, and carrying out investigative assignments where breaches have occurred. Our international reach means we can accomplish these assignments globally – leading to efficiency and a streamlined approach for our clients.

Tax planning and compliance  – tax planning is essential in the rapidly changing media sector. Chathams provides a full range of tax services for every stage of a company’s life cycle, from advice on acquisitions, disposals and restructuring to international tax planning for global businesses. Our specialist employment tax team helps companies reward and retain talent through tax-efficient remuneration planning, an area of high importance in the creative sector.

Transaction services and corporate finance—In a dynamic and evolving sector, acquisitions, divestments, capital raising, and restructuring occur daily. Chatham helps media companies undertake these transactions by providing pre-deal due diligence and post-deal transformation and acting as reporting accountants for IPOs and capital raising. Our recent experience in the sector includes fundraising for a new holographic 3D TV and financial due diligence for a significant acquisition in the publishing sector.

Business performance improvement  – in times of change, companies must adapt their systems and processes quickly to seize opportunities and address new challenges effectively. Whether looking at ways to reduce costs in a challenging environment or for improvements to your processes and management information, Chatham can provide the expertise you need.

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