“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.” David Brier

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  • Online, On-site, One to One
  • Academy Marketing
  • Duration 1 week
  • Location London, Riyadh
  • Course Ref MAR-1


  • Ensure the success of the organization, product or service through careful attention to brand imperatives.
  • Craft a powerful brand positioning statement that reflects the brand promise and the expectations of their most valued customers.
  • Build a fully aligned, brand-focused operation.
  • Measure brand equity, track it and maximize it.
  • Master the branding process and conduct a complete brand audit.
  • Avoid the dangers and pitfalls of ignoring the laws of branding.


Definitions and Anatomy of Brands

  • What is a Brand
  • Why Do Brands Matter
  • A Brief History of Brands
  • The Challenges and Opportunities of Branding Today
  • Understanding Branding

Brand Planning and Management

  • The Concept of Customer-Based Brand Equity
  • Building Customer-Based Brand Equity
  • Three Tools to Facilitate Brand Planning
    • Brand Positioning Model
    • Brand Resonance Model
    • Brand Value Chain Model
  • Brand Management Elements
    • Developing Brand Vision
    • Establishing Brand Position
    • Fulfilling Brand Contract
    • Communicating Brand Position
    • Measuring RoBI (Return on Brand Investment)

The Strategic Brand Management Process

  • The Branding Process: Some Useful Models
  • The Elements of the Strategic Brand Management Process
    • Identifying and Establishing Brand Positioning and Values
    • Planning and Implementing Brand Marketing Programs
    • Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance
    • Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity

Brand Equity and Identity

  • Brand Equity Defined
  • Elements of Brand Equity
    • Brand Loyalty
    • Brand Awareness
    • Perceived Quality
    • Brand Associations
  • Creating  a Brand Identity
    • Brand Vision
    • Brand Contract
    • Brand Stories
    • Brand Communication
    • Brand Metrics

Building Brand Portfolios

  • Branding Philosophies:
    • The Branded House
    • Sub-Brands
    • Endorsed Brands
    • The House of Brands
  • Brand Growth Strategies
    • Flanker/Fighting Brands
    • Line Extensions
    • Brand Extensions
  • Successful and Unsuccessful Brand Extensions
  • The Various Types of Brand Architecture: Product-Brand, “Branduit,” Range Brand, Umbrella Brand and Endorsement Brand

Brand Evaluation

  • The Brand Audit Questionnaire
  • Reviewing the “Big Idea”
  • Evaluating Advertising

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